The G and CRich
Who is Crich Design House?

Not all superheroes wear a cape or underwear outside their pants. Some possess a keen sense of color and an eye for design. The founding duo at Crich Design House have a passion for what they do. The company kryptonite is business as usual and bad design. Keep it away at all costs. They’re inspired by each other and creative people around them. The mission is simple: to create awesome design all the time, through research, collaboration and steady feedback.

This team oozes talent. You can’t bottle this stuff, but if you did, it would be equal parts perspiration and imagination and one hundred percent flammable. They’re up to any design gauntlet you can throw down. Their minds are open and every project is a new challenge to tackle. Their passion and creativity are matched only by their dedication and attention to their clients.

So the question is, are you in need of some design superheroes?


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